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I’ve been able to develop my critical thinking skills.

The group discussion is a better way for us to get education.

B.C. international schools and the teachers encourage you to have your own thoughts, speak up, and become more independent as well.

Universities tell us that our students’ English level is higher than their first- and second-year university students.

B.C. education system is a bit different. It’s about real-life experiences.

In these global times, it’s always an advantage to be able to speak more than one language.

Students graduating from our schools, once they’ve completed their Dogwood Diploma, have limitless opportunities.

When you enter these programs, you are entering into a new world, into new opportunities.

All the different cultures coming together… we have these discussions and debates that are really great.

They set your mind in a way that you can deal with any problem you face in life.

Multicultural diversity is a gift and a benefit to their life and that is the B.C. curriculum.

We link things to our real lives so it gets us more excited about learning it, which makes us want to study it more, it makes us want to pursue it more.

We push students to think critically, to problem solve. 

B.C. offshore schools are more focused on student-centred teaching.

The Dogwood Diploma is highly recognized in many countries. 

We find their spark. And that’s why they enjoy coming to school every day.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a popular program these days, but we have seen examples where it is simply too challenging for the average student. B.C.’s system is very much like IB in approach but without the barriers to student success that IB has.

Our inspection process is unique. It’s a balance of regulation – are you doing what you are supposed to be doing – and this works well in other schools.

The Dogwood Diploma opens the door for them to go to any western university.

There is a great breadth of courses offered in BC’s Curriculum. The shift even farther away from prescriptive content and reading lists to more focus on big ideas, inquiry, competencies, and attributes of a 21st-century learner is something that piques a lot of interest for prospective parents.