People who work at Schools

The staff at B.C. schools play an important role in the lives of students. Examples of school staff and their role in the school are:

Principal: The principal is the school leader. The principal makes decisions about school programs, sets school policies and works with teachers, parents and students to provide an excellent learning environment for all.

Vice-Principal: The vice-principal is also a school leader and supports the principal to ensure health, safety and academic excellence at the school. The vice-principal may also teach in the school.

Teacher: B.C. teachers are university educated and come from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds. Your teachers are there to help you when you have questions, and support you in your academic learning and your school experience.

School Counsellor: School counsellors are professionally trained to offer students confidential advice, strategies, and support regarding their personal and academic life. Talking to a counsellor about personal difficulties and questions can make you feel welcome and lead to personal growth. Counsellors are there to help you.

Homestay Coordinator: The homestay coordinator works with the school, students and host families to arrange for the best placement for students with host families while they attend school. The homestay coordinator responds to inquiries from students and host families about homestay applications and procedures, and provides support so both the student and the family have a good experience.


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