Medical Services Available


B.C. has very good health care service with hospitals, walk-in clinics, General Practitioner (GP) doctor’s offices, and various specialists for specific health problems.

While you are studying in B.C., these are some of the options available to you:

Hospital: for very serious medical issues (e.g., car accident, broken bones, cuts, trouble breathing)

Walk-in clinics: less serious medical issues (e.g., headaches, cold or flu, minor stomach problems)

Naturopathic doctors: for alternative medical care not usually offered by a GP

GP doctor’s offices: medical issues that do not require immediate attention

Specialist doctor’s offices: only available with a referral from a GP.

Visit this page for help finding a hospital, doctor, or walk-in clinic.

Before physically visiting a doctor, you might want to use Health Link BC’s phone / on-line services to get advice in non-emergency situations, available in 130+ languages.