B.C. Offshore Schools


B.C.-Certified Offshore Schools offer the B.C. Curriculum to approved schools located outside the province and Canada. There are currently 45 B.C.-Certified Offshore Schools in 8 different countries (China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Japan, Korea, Qatar and Thailand), enrolling approximately 12,000 students.

The Ministry of Education certifies, inspects and regulates Offshore Schools, ensuring they meet B.C. education standards. The Offshore School Program helps meet the goals of B.C.’s International Education Strategy by creating pathways that support international students who are considering coming to study, live and potentially work in B.C.

The province expects to expand its Offshore Schools Program, as the Ministry of Education receives applications each year from new educational partners who wish to be recognized internationally as a B.C.-certified school.

For more information about B.C’s Offshore Schools, visit the Ministry of Education’s website.