Academic Integrity, Plagiarism and Cheating


Academic integrity is important for learning success. It means that when you complete an assignment or write a test or exam, you will always do your own work and provide answers in your own words.

There are rules about academic integrity and cheating. Breaking these rules has serious consequences.

Here are some examples of breaking the rules:
– Copying from a fellow student’s work or test, or allowing them to copy your work;
– Plagiarism: using someone else’s words or ideas without acknowledging they are not your own;
– Handing in another student’s work as your own;
– Handing in material downloaded from the Internet.

If a student is found to be breaking these rules, the school may:
– Assign a mark of zero on the assignment, project or test;
– Call the student’s guardians or parents;
– Place a report about the misconduct in the student’s file.

When you arrive at your new school, you should check with your teacher to make sure that you understand academic integrity and plagiarism policies. Being informed about these policies will help you to avoid any problems.